Rhonda gave a fascinating and informative presentation about mindfulness and resiliency to the Central Pennsylvania Association of Female Executives. She explained how we feel emotions in our bodies, stressed the importance of women supporting and respecting one another, and reminded us to live from love not fear. Rhonda’s presentation was exceptional and one of the best that our organization has ever had.


Thank you for your presentation on “Cultivating Resilience – What Wise Leaders Do” …to our Central Pennsylvania Chapter Association of Talent Development.

Your presentation offered both practical and actionable steps towards developing one of the most necessary leadership qualities for managing and integrating peace into our growing hectic lives.

You offered a unique perspective on the intimate connection between our mind and our body’s reaction to external stimuli – a reaction that can truly affect the way we approach life and rebound from life’s adversities.

Thank you for your patience, your nurturing approach in the presentation, your thoughtful and conversational style with the audience and your willingness to share your expertise. You have great intuition and understanding of the energy in the room. I felt the content to be deeply personable. ”

J. R., Central PA Association of Talent Development

Dear Rhonda, I love how positive your newsletter is! You have the best way of presenting material that lifts the spirit and opens a person’s thinking to more possibilities. I like that!

B. Z.

I hired Rhonda Hess to help me elevate and mature my leadership skills and get me ready for the increasingly senior and complex role I was playing in my organization. She was a superb coach and very adept at using various quantitative and qualitative tools to help me reach and apply insights into my personality and leadership style. Based on my own observations as well as data collected in a recent round of 360-degree interviews conducted by Rhonda, I have made solid progress in all five areas I set out to improve.

It was a personal pleasure to work with Rhonda. She is witty, insightful, bold and well-versed in the tools of her trade. She focused on helping me achieve greater balance in my physical energy as well as mental energy, arming me with disciplines and tips that I know will continue to be an important part of my life for years to come.”

C. H. EVP Corporate Affairs

Rhonda, Thank you SO much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to speak to my class. It was perfectly executed and very well received!! After listening to you talk last night, you reminded me that the only variable that I can control in any given day is my attitude and approach to my work.

– F. R.

“Rhonda makes leading much more fun and much less drudgery. All that she does and says is positive – so needed when you’ve got tough decisions to make every day. And, it’s clear that she lives what she teaches – how refreshing”


Going into the weekend leadership retreat, I hoped for a strengthening of the commitment to our cause. We surpassed my highest hopes! Rhonda is a great resource for us. I am confident we will continue to collaborate on many topics moving forward. Rhonda, your skill in guiding us, in keeping us on track, and in contributing knowledge and experience – participating on the content level not just the interaction level – made our weekend wildly successful. Thank You!

– Executive Recruiter

“Rhonda challenged me to think more broadly about solutions.”

– CEO, Fortune 1000 Company

“You are a great facilitator; our retreat was one of the best I ever attended in my professional career.

– J.A.

“Rhonda Hess is the most effective person you will ever meet at getting people to change their behavior….top 1%. Many have the tools to assess behavior, but few have the ability to connect with the individual to create a dialogue and exchange critical insights.


When You Meet Rhonda Hess, She Is Very Inviting, Friendly, And Sincere. She Has A Wonderful Inner Spirit; It Is Comforting To The Weary Soul. Rhonda Assisted Me In Unlocking My Inner Potential. The Personalized Fully Fit To Lead®Program Is Superior And Customized To Meet Individual Needs. Rhonda’s Support System Helps The Individual To realize Gratifying Results.

Rhonda Touched My Soul, And Assisted Me In My Personal …leadership Journey I Am alive and Grateful For The Opportunity To Work With Rhonda. I Am A Better Person And Employee For Having Participated In Fully Fit To Lead®.”

– K. V.

Rhonda, You really are an effective coach! I have gained some great perspective and the confidence to trust my instincts and be a better person and business owner.

– K. S.

Rhonda, I think our work has been invaluable – for me there are several key things:

  1. To have a champion – having someone totally in my corner was terrific
  2. Boosted my confidence on many levels – through loads of positive reinforcement
  3. Provided real tangible (and timely) tips and approaches to making a difference in meetings, with team, with staff, with seniors – THIS WAS ULTIMATELY THE STUFF THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE
  4. You were a great sounding board to bounce off new ideas/thoughts and provided good and realistic feedback.
  5. Our time together enabled me to reflect on my own strengths and areas for improvement – its hard to step back and look at oneself but this was a great opportunity to do so -its like having a video of oneself and be able to watch it – very cool.”

– N. D.

I want to thank you for your presentation. I don’t know how else to put into words other than to say I have always been energized and a “well-being” after hearing you present!

– R. A., CMA

Rhonda, Thank you! You are exceptional at what you do. I’ll miss working with you every week!

– T. M.

“Working with Rhonda exceeded my expectations of a coaching relationship. She expanded my thinking to include not only how my actions impact my business responsibilities and relationships, but also my physical and mental responses. Rhonda offered creative new tools that helped me address my goals at all of these levels. Our time together introduced me to new breathing exercises and the art of mediation in addition to developing new business strategies and approaches. A personal favorite, the concept of visual mapping has truly helped me broaden my perspective on my goals in business and in life. With Rhonda as my coach, I feel stronger, more confident, and more prepared to face the challenges of our business.”


Rhonda is an inspirational and insightful coach. We partnered in a six month purpose work course and Rhonda excelled at listening to me and hearing at much deeper levels than where I thought I was speaking from. Further, she is both cogent and gentle with her feedback, which I can report is not only correct, but powerful in her ability to help individuals, at least me, in identifying several viable alternatives for growth and action. She is empowering, educational, creative, and far reaching in the scope of her knowledge. Her manner is very accessible as I found it exceeding easy to lower all of my defenses and to refrain from my natural skepticism when coached by someone I did not select for myself. She has an adaptive manner that I assess as being able to work with a wide range of personality types and within varying organizational structures and cultures. I highly recommend Rhonda and look forward to partnering with her in the future.

– C. Cuyjet, Chief Creativity Officer and Storyteller

“Overwhelmed by staffing issues, company growing pains, and the hiccups that come with transitions, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert in leadership development who provided me with the tools, insight, and knowledge to better manage situations, my energy and my health.

Rhonda coached me through difficult employee situations, guided me through hiring and retaining the right people, and advised me on how to properly implement structure and processes so our company continues to grow, be profitable and be noted as one of the Best Places to Work.

I highly recommend Rhonda Hess to any leaders who want to step up their game by developing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.
P.S. And Rhonda’s a lot of fun to work with too! ”

J. C.

  • Great session and cool activities”
  • “The best seminar ever!”
  • “This session was very motivational!”
  • “Active participation is excellent”
  • “Great interactions”
  • “Awesome! Very energizing”
  • “Great basic ideas to help me boost my confidence – therefore increasing my personal power!”
  • “A little different; more the “zen” aspects of leadership”
  • “Excellent! I’m a skeptic about this stuff – it was great! Kinetic and experiential really drives the point home!”
  • “Learned new skills and learned by doing, so it will stick with me”

– Comments From Personal Power Practices for Leaders : Leadership Harrisburg Toolbox, February 2006:

“A gift you gave to me was your personal coaching lesson you taught me while I was under tremendous stress and pressure in making everything happen and you found it within your natural ability to share a lesson with me. What was memorable about it was your approach. You took the stress away from me, gave me a simple way to look at the situation which made so much sense ( da, why didn’t I think of it?) and left me laughing at myself for it all. Of most importance being more conscious of my own behavior.”

– A. Dottino, Chairman of the USA National Memory Championship

“She gives a view and assessment that is not part of my normal thought process, opening up a totally new vista. I have never been able to predict her response or feedback. She may utilize traditional resources such as the book “Emotional Intelligence” to get a thought process started, but her unique ability is the tangents upon which she then steers her customers so they find the real treasures which can only be discovered outside the box.”

– L.N.

“Rhonda assisted me in bringing out some of the skills needed to make me an overall better planner and manager. I may have had it in me, but it was you that gave me the confidence to put them into use … thank you.

– M. E.

“I count you as a true friend, not just a business partner.”


Rhonda, Your energy somehow helps me keep some humor around amidst this big-time turbulence. Thank you for lending your ear, heart and head, to listen and suggest.

– J.T.