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The majority of change initiatives fail . Why?

There are several reasons; however, many revolve around one central factor: companies fail to anticipate and address their employees’ emotions in the process. Many leaders incorrectly assume that change is only about improving the “hard” numbers—stock price, profitability, sales and miss or back-burner the critical need to address their employees’ emotional reactions to changes, even good ones! These emotions may include fear, anger, alarm, excitement, curiosity, and confusion, not because people resist change; they just don’t like the way change makes them feel. Learning to manage these natural emotions can increase the pace of, and commitment to, change initiatives.

I have first-hand experience designing and leading large scale change management initiatives and understand that managing transitions and change in the workplace, as in life, is both an art and a science because no two people are the same. I understand what it’s like to juggle multiple moving pieces at one time during the process of change and attend to peoples’ needs in the process. It requires focus, resources, planning and expertise in navigating the inevitable churn in organizations. Even the most exciting changes evoke a wide-range of emotions from those affected.

I work with individuals and management teams to help them understand, plan and manage these changes. I specialize in managing transitions, and the emotional phases people move through in response to changes resulting from: company growth, mergers/acquisitions, reorganizations, new responsibilities, and career changes. The ability to engage people productively during times of transition is job one of any leader.