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In What Ways are Your Leaders Experiencing the Benefits of Coaching?

Are you aware that your company could realize a 5.45% or greater return on its investment in behavioral change and organizational deveolopment initaitives through coaching? Is your company prospering from both the tangible and intangible impacts that these executives’ companies did? If not, coaching is right for you.

In a survey of 100 executives who had engaged in coaching programs lasting 6 to 12 months, executives cited the following positive tangible business impacts:

  • Improved Productivity 53%
  • Better Quality 48%
  • Improvement in Organizational Strength 48% and
  • Better Customer Service in 6 to 12 months while reducing turnover, costs and lost business 39%.

Executives cited the following positive intangible impacts:

  • Improved Relationship with Reports 77%
  • Improved Relationships with Stakeholders 71%
  • Improved Teamwork 67%
  • Improved Relationships with Peers 63% and
  • Improved Job Satisfaction 61%.

Source: Manchester Review 2001 Vol. 6